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When you have car problems, it can be tough to know whom you can trust. That’s exactly why Mr Auto is here to serve you. For years now, our mechanics have been working with customers to provide honest quotes and the highest quality auto repair and service on the market. We’re the auto repair shop you can trust.

Engine Repair

Did you know there’s a lot more to do with maintaining your engine than just getting your oil changed? You can have peace of mind when you bring your vehicle to Mr Auto for your oil change because we perform a complete inspection with each oil change interval alerting you to any safety concerns or leaks that we find that could cause costly repairs if allowed to worsen. Keeping your car’s engine maintained effectively will save you money now and later on down the road.

Gear Repair

The transmission is one of the most crucial components for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, its operation can be hindered, with noticeable effects on the quality of your ride. Transmission problems usually cause violent grinding noises, gear slipping, hard shifting, and other serious interruptions to your driving.

Steering Box Repair

The steering and suspension system is important to your vehicle and your safety. Because of that, it must be working in the best condition to ensure the longevity of your car. Mr Auto has the proper tools and technology to offer quick and comprehensive diagnostics and inspections. We have a targeted approach when it comes to finding the issue with steering and suspension, and our skilled technicians are determined to fix the root cause of any problem as quickly as possible.

Belt & Hose Repair

A belt or hose failure can cause the engine to overheat, a loss of power steering, and electrical system issues. Although this system is often overlooked, it’s important to stay up-to-date with belt and hose maintenance. Overtime, belts and hoses need to be replaced to ensure your vehicle remains in proper working condition.

Fuel System Repair

A fuel system helps deliver fuel from the tank to the engine. It consists of a fuel pump, fuel lines, a fuel pressure regulator, fuel filters and fuel injectors. Fuel systems are important to not only your engine but also your fuel efficiency and vehicle performance

Fuse Repair and replacement

Fuses are resistors that send power to the electrical components of your car. Fuses receive a large amount of current and lessen that amount of current before it is sent to each electrical part so that the electrical components aren’t damaged by excessive power.

Brake Pad, Brake shoe replacement

The brake system is one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. As we all know, this is the system that allows you to stop your vehicle’s momentum. You can also ease turns and stop at traffic lights, all doing so safely. That means, when there is something wrong with this system, it could lead to a rather dangerous situation. Mr Auto is here for all your brake system repair and service needs.

ABS repair and replacement

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is an additional layer of safety, responsible for preventing your vehicle wheels from locking during heavy braking. The ABS wheel speed sensor monitors your wheel rotation and relays it to the ABS control module. The control module processes this information and adjusts the braking pressure as needed through a valve assembly in the ABS modulator (hydraulic pump).

Sensor repair replacement

Many sensors are pretty small and delicate parts of your vehicle. As a result, even if you’re properly and regularly maintaining them, they can still wind up broken. What’s worse is that some sensors are integral to the proper function of your vehicles, such as your airbags, or other safety and driver-assistive systems. Sometimes the failure of a sensor will affect your ability to drive, like with adaptive cruise control. All in all, leaving a sensor broken is unsafe and frustrating. Mr Auto can take care of all your car sensors.

A/C Repair

As you live in Qatar, the AC system in your car needs to be in the best working condition. If your car’s air conditioning is not offering you relief from the heat, there is a reason why. When considering air conditioning repair, most car AC systems stop working due to a refrigerant or Freon charge problem. It could be that your car's air conditioning system has a leak and all or some of the gas has leaked out.

Battery Replacement

A strong car battery often leads to lesser heat exhaustion from the car engine. This ensures that the car does not overheat. A strong car battery can also lead to greater engine performance, and that leads to increased fuel efficiency.

Oil & Filter Change

Over time, as oil becomes saturated with contaminants, excess particles are left behind in the engine, where they can form deposits and cause significant wear to the engine. Oversaturated oil loses its lubrication, which will eventually lead to an overworking engine, excess heat, and engine failure.

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